Programme Overview

Operating over 30 successful catalogue brands, with over 2 million customers, the JD Williams websites offer a huge selection of fashion, footwear and lingerie for all ages and sizes.

Marisota provides the latest fashions, designed to flatter every figure. Marisota girls can be assured that they will look and feel gorgeous whatever their shape or size.

You can currently sign up to promote Marisota via Affiliate Window.

Why join the Marisota programme?

  • Great commission rates focusing on new customers
  • Sales are cross tracked across brands on our programme
  • We also pay for sales derived from affiliate sites but made elsewhere (PPC for example)
  • Regularly updated programme of promotions and incentives across banners, landing pages, and text links
  • Product feeds soon to be available for selected sites
  • Dedicated Affiliate team to support your campaigns
  • Regular home page refreshes and discounted products
  • 30 day cookie period
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Commission Structure

Terms & Conditions

1. Affiliate Approvals
JD Williams are happy to work with all types of affiliate promotion and encourage all interested sites to apply. In particular we are looking for sites which are aesthetically pleasing and best reflect our brand values. We do not work with sites that display content that may be deemed pornographic or offensive.

2. Validations:
Validations will happen once every week; however sales will not be able to be validated until after two weeks after the sales date to track any returns that may occur. E.g. If you generate a sale on the 1st October, this sale will not be validated before 14th October. Returns, credit reversals etc will then be processed and commission correctly allocated based on the above commission rates.

Deletion Rate:
Please note that a deletion rate will occur on this programme as JD Williams will not be paying out for sales that are returned within their two week return policy. Deletion rate currently is running at 25% for the affiliate programme as a whole.

3. URL Restrictions
Affiliates are permitted to use the JD Williams brand terms as an extension of their own URL.

For example:

Affiliates are prohibited from using any of the JD Williams brand terms, brand term misspelling or similar variations in the main part of any URL domain names.

For example: etc

4. Brand Term Restrictions
No brand term bidding allowed without permission from JDW Affiliate Manager.

All JD Williams Brand and Catalogue terms should be applied as negative match or excluded terms on all keyword or keyword phrases for the purpose of targeting adverts on PPC search engines. This applies to all catalogues mentioned in the above list.

Affiliates are prohibited from brand bidding on misspells or variations of the JD Williams brands and catalogues.

Do not place your company name, trade marks, service marks, or product names next to (or combine them with) a JD Williams brand/product name.

Affiliates must negative match JD Williams and all of their catalogue brand names in any terms associated with voucher codes, discount codes and any other variations of these terms.

5. Landing Pages
Affiliates are prohibited from misleading consumers into their sites representing themselves or passing themselves off as being JD Williams or taking any action which is likely to confuse or mislead third parties to believe that the site is part of the JD Williams brand.

6. Direct Linking
Affiliates are prohibited from direct linking to any of the JD Williams catalogues in any search engine.

7. Voucher Codes
Various voucher codes are available for affiliates to use which will entitle new customers only to discounts. Please note that JD Williams are targeting new customer traffic primarily, which is why the voucher codes are only applicable to new customers.

* Please note: The above conditions apply for all the brands individually as well the JD Williams brand as a whole.

Any breach of the above conditions will result in you being removed from the JD Williams programme and excluded from all future campaigns.